How to Make Right Air Conditioning Maintenance Schedule

As with all mechanical and electronic components An air conditioner can suffer wear over a lengthy duration. This is particularly true when your air conditioner isn’t maintained at regular intervals. It is recommended that an air conditioner needs maintenance work done before the start of the summer months every year. If your air conditioner isn’t properly maintained and properly, the likelihood of getting damaged will increase until the point that you have to contact an air conditioning repair service.

If it is checked at regular intervals, the chance of it getting Mantención de Climatización damaged would be substantially diminished. This means that you could save dollars if the maintenance check is carried out once a year. These are some useful tips for air conditioner maintenance.

Allow the Outdoor Unit enough space to breathe in

The flow of air is the primary element of air conditioning systems. Modern air conditioners rely on the correct flow of air. They work on the forced air principle. This means that the condensersthat are placed on the outside, need an extensive amount of space surrounding them to facilitate the proper flow of air.

So, if the condenser of your air conditioner doesn’t have enough free space around it to breathe properly then you need to create it. According to estimates minimum, three feet of space must be free surrounding the condenser.

Free the Condenser of Anything Clogging It Regularly

As the condenser sucks in air to generate enough air flow for cooling the house or office lots of dust may get stuck in the vents. Condensers must be cleaned at regular intervals of foreign particles like dust, pollen, and other things. The procedure is simple and all you have to do is take an ordinary garden hose, and then clear all the dirt using high-pressure water.

Be sure that the filter Is Replaced Every Three Months

It can also impact the flow of air it produces. Many experts recommend that the filter of an air conditioner needs to be changed every 3 months, if used consistently. For the next three months, it is important to remove the filter and clean it using high pressure water. When you clean the filter, you would see significant change in its efficiency.

You can practice energy conservation at home

While most people aren’t aware of that, energy conservation strategies can help increase efficiency and extend the lifespan of your air cooling system. The air conditioner can be made to last longer by closing the curtains in high temperatures.

Each year, you should have your air conditioner inspected by experts

If you’re managing your air conditioner well it is suggested that it be checked out by professionals at least every year. This will ensure your air conditioner is in top condition.

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