Giving A Havanese A Hair Cut

Havanese are adorable breeds that belong to the Bichon breed variety, and are closely connected to the Bichon Frise. They are small and easily handled, making them ideal for smaller homes. Their friendly nature makes them perfect for families with children. The AKC provides specific guidelines on how to groom your Havanese. These adorable dogs are extremely popular and well-loved. These particular Havanese grooming guidelines must be followed exactly in case you wish to display your Havanese in any important competition.

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It is possible to cut Havanese hair using either a number-40 blade (in a pair or small clipping shears) or a pair of grooming scissors. The only hair that you need to cut around your feet. In any case, it’s only enough to give your paws a more circular shape. Hair can be cut around your rump and the hair between your ears, based on the event you’re participating in.

Before you give your Havanese the haircut you would like, there are some specific Havanese grooming techniques you need to be following to ensure that your pet appears its best when the grooming procedure is completed. First, you need to ensure that your Havanese receives a daily brushing. Havanese aren’t known shed, so it’s vital that they receive regular brushing. Daily brushing as component of your Havanese grooming routine can assist in keeping their coats shiny and clean.

It is also recommended to oil your Havanese’s hair prior to cutting it. This can be done with an elongated, metal comb. Be sure to apply the oil carefully first before running the comb through the hair. Hairless dogs or those with dry skin should oil their hair every day prior to going for a bath. Consult your vet or breeder to determine if you think your Havanese requires oiling as a part of their grooming routine.

It is crucial to keep your Havanese at ease throughout the entire process of getting their haircut. Toy dogs are, by their nature, more playful and energetic than large breeds of dogs and, consequently, can become exuberant while grooming. Relaxing them using your hands and voice prior to attempting to give your Havanese a hair cut, will help to make the process much easier for you both.

Even even if you’re Havanese won’t be taking part in any shows or competitions it is crucial to ensure their fur is kept in good condition. To prevent their long hair getting matted and tangled, all Havanese must be groomed regularly. Oiling your dog’s hair for 24 hours before cutting is essential for those with dry skin or hair. If you follow these simple rules, grooming your Havanese is simple.

Fiona Kelly is a dog breeder, owner and avid studier – particularly of small dog breeds.

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