Modern Activism Through The Internet

Mahatma Gandhi is known as one of the most prominent personalities and symbols of peace, nonviolence and freedom. He led India to liberation from British rule for 150 years by making the British ruler and the whole world understand the value of freedom. It means not only freedom in the strict sense of not being in exile, but also freedom of speech, expression, thinking and religion. I wonder how technology in the world today will change the rules of the game with similar revolutionary movements. I’m convinced that one of the most important weapons of online tools is the WordPress blog. WordPress, an open source platform, emphasizes the freedom and flow of knowledge around the world and the need for unlimited communication. WordPress is a custom publishing system built on PHP and MySQL and licensed under GPLv2 (or later). This means that WordPress is essentially “free software”.
The GNU philosophy of free software means “software that respects user freedom and the community.” The GNU website further states: Broadly speaking, this means that users have the freedom to manage, copy, distribute, investigate, modify, and improve their software. Therefore, “free software” is a matter of freedom, not price. To understand the concept, we need to think of “free” as “free speech” rather than “free beer.”
This unique quality of WordPress is the main reason why “modern” Mahatma Gandhi uses WordPress to reach sea followers and convey a message of peace and nonviolence. Visit:-
Communicate a message

Mahatma Gandhi made many speeches during the struggle for independence from India. It had an unparalleled impact. The powerful and effective communication that Gandhi made with his followers knelt the entire empire. Had he been armed with blogs and websites, Gandhi would have reached a larger audience around the world and created waves around the world. It would be great to see how the internet and various electronic tools can help improve our campaigns if we can empower Indians and strengthen their determination for a peaceful uprising without the internet.
Had Gandhi had the power of a blogging system, every event in his life would have been thoroughly documented so that it could be passed on to future generations. He would have been in personal contact with a larger audience. He should have been able to integrate his blog and post auto-updates on Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with more fans.
Immediate feedback

The WordPress blog system has a built-in comment system that allows blog visitors to share their thoughts and opinions with the website owner and can also be published. Gandhi’s blog will be filled with exciting and motivational comments from various senior officials and world leaders. The blog would have had an unprecedented audience on the day India gained independence. His blog would have received an overwhelming amount of congratulatory messages from around the world. Security against attacks

Like all celebrity blogs, Gandhi’s blog is a major target for spam comments and DoS attacks. To protect your login page from brute force attacks, you need to use some of the many WordPress plugins. Everyone has gained fame with Gandhi and is trying to get his 2 cents advice on his blog. On the other hand, you need a dedicated team to keep your blog up-to-date, secure, and exclude junk comments. I am convinced that Gandhi’s humility and his belief in the dignity of his work helped him update his own blog and maintain it himself.

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